Distance coaching

CDER Montréal wishes to give as many people as possible access to its restaurant business creation service.

You are located in the region, in Quebec City, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau, in the Sherbrooke area? We can accompany you throughout the province of Quebec. What’s more, our coaching service extends across Canada and internationally.

A way of working...

This service is a valuable partner in the achievement of your future restaurant concept.

Coaching in English and French

Online and distance coaching

Our videoconferencing service will allow you to move your project forward and to gain, in real time, valuable advice for the development of your restaurant. It will save you the time lost in travelling.

Opening a restaurant

Do not hesitate to contact our restaurant consultant and use our videoconferencing service for the development of your future restaurant.

You are in the process of opening a restaurant ?

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