Financing your restaurant

Financing your restaurant requires a methodology, a structured approach while taking into account the nature of your restaurant.

When looking for financing, you will have to answer many questions about the financial structure of your restaurant concept. These questions aim at providing an answer as to your projected sales, your overall project costs, projected profits and much more. You will need to know your project cost, establish your labor cost, perform a sales analysis on specific days or even prepare a cash budget…


Comment mieux vendre mon restaurant ?

How to finance your restaurant ?

Before knocking on doors, you will need to produce a financial plan demonstrating the viability of the concept. It will be important to consider what kind of financing you will need.

How can CDER Montréal help you in the financing of your restaurant?

CDER Montréal can help you open doors to your financing. We can accompany you and introduce you to partners as well as get you in touch with various funding organizations. Ideas and solutions will be proposed according to your restaurant concept.

Do not hesitate to contact our restaurant consultant. He will certainly be able to help you in the search for the financing of your restaurant.

You want to buy or sell a restaurant ?

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