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You are an experienced professional, you have just set up your restaurant, and you are in the process of undertaking a better management of your restaurant. You are thinking about optimizing your management processes, having better profitability ratios, establishing a better standardization of your recipes, and building a marketing strategy applied to your restaurant. CDER Montréal can help you.

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Advice that makes all the difference !

Your advantage is to have by your side a restaurant consultant who helps you in your daily management efforts to improve your operations.

You are certainly asking yourself questions such as :

  • How to reduce my costs ?
  • How can I reduce my management fees (credit card and other) ?
  • How to increase my turnover ?
  • How do I use my Facebook page as a marketing tool ?
  • How can I enhance my menu for better sales ?
  • How do I get a better paycheck ?

All these questions are legitimate. We can assist you according to your emergencies and needs.

You also have access to our studies and surveys to help you manage your restaurant.

You are in the process of selling your restaurant ?

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Do not hesitate to contact our restaurant consultant to set a first meeting and audit in order to optimize the management of your restaurant.

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